Sports are a human right, and everyone can benefit from every part of a sports competition, from focus and camaraderie to planning and preparing for a game to the exercise of the game itself. However, there is always a risk of injury when playing sports. If you get injured while playing sports, a chiropractor like Dr. Schwartz at South Florida Medical & Wellness Center can help.

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What Sports Injuries Can We Treat?

Sports injuries typically fall into one of four categories.

  • Blunt Force Trauma: In some sports, such as baseball and ice hockey, the walls surrounding the field of play can be an important factor in the play of the game. Impacting these walls can cause orthopedic injuries. In other games, force injuries can happen simply through gameplay as bodies hit each other. It can also include things like being hit by field or ice maintenance equipment.
  • Falls: Athletes in full-contact sports can fall frequently. A fall is often combined with a blunt force hit and is the source of many complex injuries in sports. Falling injuries can be catastrophic, especially if the fall includes neck whiplashing, an injury that chiropractors are equipped to deal with.
  • Movement Injuries: Although athletes warm up before practice, sports movements can cause injuries ranging from tendonitis to muscle tears. A movement injury can happen at any time, but most often may happen shortly after a prior near-injury impact.
  • Ankle and Foot: The ankles and feet are the foundation of the human body and are crucial for any strong sporting movement. They take a lot of abuse in sports activities and can be harmed by missteps, climbing, or other sports movements.

How Can We Help with These Injuries?

Having old injuries increases your chances of getting new injuries. If you continue to play while injured, you’ll move your body in ways that protect the injury and the pain it causes, making other body parts take more stress and putting you out of balance. As a result, there is a real chance that you might end up overstressing another part of the body and adding to the first injury. Dr. Schwartz can work with you to build a treatment plan to heal your injuries and an exercise and movement plan to protect you from new ones.

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If you or a loved one has a sports injury, chiropractic care can help put that injury and its pain and harm in the rearview mirror. Call Dr. Schwartz at South Florida Medical and Wellness Center in Davie, FL. He can create a comprehensive treatment plan for you to feel better sooner. To get back to the game you love, contact our team at (954) 252-3339.